Chapter 131 - Intimacy

Before Leon and Elise left the private room in the Heaven’s Eye Tower, they had to take a few minutes to fix themselves up a little.  Their clothes were a mess from their mutual groping, and their faces were flushed from both the embarrassment of their confessions and the excitement of their subsequent actions.  Once they had smoothened out their clothes and calmed down a little, the two wasted no more time and left the room, with Elise taking Leon’s arm and impatiently steering him toward the lift.

To Leon, it seemed like Elise had reverted back to her extremely flirty behavior from the first time they met, as she was pressing her body into his and taking advantage of being arm-in-arm to take his hand and bring it up to her breasts.  However, unlike when they met in Teira, Leon wasn’t so embarrassed and awkward that he froze up.  Rather, he eagerly responded, with Elise not having to put in much strength to move his hand.

However, before Leon could move on from her waist and hips, the magic lift arrived at the ground floor.

“Where are we going?” Leon asked as he made sure he picked up his armor box from the floor of the lift—his armor had cost far too much for him to ever leave it behind, even with Elise all over him.

“Around to the back,” Elise said as she led Leon away from the front door.  There was a back door that she led Leon to that opened into a luxurious garden filled with all kinds of plants and flowers of both the magical and mundane variety, but neither of them stopped long enough to really take in the sight.  Instead, Elise almost pulled Leon through the garden to a palatial estate just on the other side.

Elise didn’t stop once they had entered the estate; she led Leon through more than a dozen hallways and courtyards until they had reached a private wing.  This was Elise’s personal quarters, with her bathroom, lounges, private library, and of course, her bedroom, the latter of which Leon was brought to.

Once they finally entered Elise’s bedroom, she slammed the door shut and threw herself at Leon, sealing his lips with her own so quickly that he didn’t even have time to look around.  She was so forceful, in fact, that Leon’s back was almost pressed up against the door.  Leon quickly embraced Elise, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in closer.

After more than a minute, the two separated and Elise led Leon by the hand straight to her bed.  As she went, she kicked off her shoes and started loosening the silk straps of her dress with her free hand.  Leon followed suit, removing his shoes and letting go of Elise’s hand long enough to take off his shirt.  Both of them were increasingly nervous in inverse proportion to how clothed they were, but they tried to cover those feelings by moving so fast that they didn’t have time to hesitate.

Before long, Elise had removed her dress, and Leon had lost his shirt and pants, revealing to each other almost their entire bodies.  Only a few tiny articles of clothing remained.

Still, they parted for a moment to drink in the sight of each other’s bodies.  Leon was captivated by Elise’s abundant chest, slim waist, and toned thighs.  Elise, meanwhile, admired Leon’s built muscles.  When she had first seen him, he was fit to be sure, but quite skinny; his life spent hunting and training had made him lean and dense, leaving him with little ‘show’ muscle and even less fat.  After a year eating the far more nutritious food in the south, though, Leon had filled out considerably, and Elise was immensely pleased with what she saw.

Needless to say, both of them were more than ready to continue.  They quickly stripped down completely, and Elise laid down on her bed while Leon crawled over on top of her.  For another few seconds, they didn’t do anything more than kiss; they were so enraptured with each other and caught up in the moment that they completely forgot what they had been taught about the opposite sex.  Everything Elise’s mother had taught her disappeared in their passion, as did what Leon had picked up from Charles and Alain.

But, both were so ready and excited that foreplay was hardly necessary.  Instead, after more kissing and mutual groping, they got right down to business.

As with his previous actions up to that point, Leon moved quickly to avoid any hesitation.  His heart beat furiously, but he channeled all of his anxiety into action.  He felt that if he didn’t, his nervousness would soften him and end things before he’d finished.

As it was the first time for the both, neither lasted more than a minute or so, but after a few moments of silence in the wake of their first experience, they were ready to go for round two.

Round two lasted much longer, and they both relaxed enough to remember a few simple moves that brought each to a simultaneous climax.  And, with another few minutes of rest, they went right for round three.

For the first two rounds, Leon had been on top, but with the third, Elise pushed him down and mounted him.  Leon wasn’t too upset with this, as it freed up both of his hands to explore her, which she happily encouraged with a dazzling smile.  She even brought her own hands up to guide his along the curves of her body.

They were exhausted after the third round, but some magic applied to the proper areas made them good to go for one more time.  Elise tried to take charge again, but Leon twisted his body and brought her crashing down onto her mattress, after which he went after her like an animal.


When Leon and Elise were finally finished, they lay in each other’s arms breathing heavily and sweating only a little.

“So, how was that for ‘no uncertain terms’?  I wasn’t too ambiguous, was I?” Elise asked as she snuggled even closer to Leon and rested her head on his shoulder.

“No, you were very clear,” Leon responded, gently squeezing her into his arms with a smile.

“Ooh!  You’re not going for another, are you?” she asked with a surprised chuckle.  “I’m down for it, but I need some rest first…”

“I think I’m done for the time being,” Leon responded.  “You’ve quite exhausted me.”

“Was I that good?” Elise asked teasingly.

“You were,” Leon affirmed, as he smiled again and gently pressed his forehead into hers.

“That’s good to hear.  You were wonderful as well,” she said as she drew closer for a kiss.  Then, as she pulled away, she said, “But, there’s still some room for improvement…”

“Well do tell, my lady, how can I satisfy you better?” Leon asked with a laugh.

“Hmmm, we’re going to need a lot of practice, when do you leave the city?” she inquired.

“Two weeks from now, I’ll be taking a Legion galley northward,” he answered.

“Where are you going and who are you squiring for?” Elise asked.

“… I don’t know yet,” Leon replied.

“You don’t know?  How can you not know?!”

“They didn’t give me any specifics.  All I know is that I have to report to the citadel in Cyrene in the Northern Territories, and I’ll get further instructions about where I’m going from there.”

“That’s an odd way to go about things,” Elise said with a frown.

“I thought so too, especially given that everyone else knows exactly who they’re going to be squiring for.  I asked about it, but I was assured that despite its oddity, all my paperwork is in order, so… yeah.  I guess I’ll see when I get to Cyrene.”

“You just be sure to send me a letter or something, I want to know where you’re going to be,” Elise sternly ordered.

“You got it,” Leon said.

“Good.  Now, where are you going to stay for the next two weeks?” Elise asked.

“Probably an inn somewhere.  I need to get out of the Academy dorms by the end of tomorrow, so I’ll be looking for a place when I leave here.”

“You should just stay here.  That way, we’ll have plenty of time for that practice I mentioned,” Elise suggested with a lustful smile.

“… Works for me,” Leon answered, matching her smile with one of his own.  “With that settled, I should probably go get my stuff.”

“Do you need any help?  I can have some of the servants here accompany you to carry your things if you need it…”

“No I-“ Leon began, before he remembered the large pile of silver coins he had yet to take care of.  At that point, the pile had grown to over eighty thousand coins; he’d have to make four or five trips to transport just the coins to the Heaven’s Eye Tower.

“Actually, yes I could use some help,” Leon said.  He explained the situation to Elise, who, after intently watching Leon get dressed, quickly followed suit before organizing half a dozen servants to carry Leon’s silver coins to the Tower.  At the same time, Leon packed all of his things and left the Snow Lions tower behind.  He had more clothing than he did when he moved in, so he needed more than just the one pack he had originally, but he made it work.

Leon wasn’t too worried about seeing his friends again, as he knew where they were staying, and he could stop by to say goodbye whenever he wanted to.  So, he happily returned to Elise’s estate with all of his stuff packed and everything else taken care of.

“Took you long enough,” Elise playfully chastised when Leon finally returned to her rooms.  The servant who guided him respectfully bowed and left.

“I think I did that rather quickly, though,” Leon said as he put all of his things down in the corner, as out of the way as he could.

“Well, I guess we’re just going to have to work on your speed, then,” Elise said as she sat down on her bed and gave Leon a suggestive smile.  Leon smiled back and moved to join her, pulling his clothes off as he went.


“So, why a lion?” Elise asked as she admired Leon’s new armor, with the stylized silver lion on the chest drawing most of her attention.

“Apart from my name?” Leon jokingly asked.  “I was placed in the Snow Lions unit when in training, and the biggest beast I’ve ever brought down was an actual snow lion in the Vales.  Plus, I like lions.”

“But I would’ve figured you’d have taken some kind of bird motif,” Elise said.  For a moment, Leon was a little confused, until he remembered that Elise knew his real identity; she had been there when Ajax, the Heaven’s Eye Tower Lord in Teira identified him.

“I did,” Leon said, indicating the wings off his helmet.  Such decorations were so commonplace that Elise hardly even noticed until Leon pointed it out.

“Hmmm,” Elise hummed.  A long silence followed, until she turned to Leon with a serious expression and asked, “Why did it take you so long to make a move on me?”

Leon matched her serious expression and said, “Do you remember how strongly you came onto me when we first met?  You made me second-guess your later actions, because if you would be so forward with someone you just met, then how could your subsequent displays of affection mean anything?”

Elise frowned at the realization.  She had been following her mother’s teachings to make Leon hers as soon as she saw his power and his gold card, but her behavior toned down considerably when she learned more about him and how such forwardness might drive him away.  Then, she started to actually like him, far more than just the initial attraction to power that she had to begin with.

But, it seemed that her forwardness had the unintended side-effect of making Leon insecure in their relationship until they finally confessed to each other.  Elise clenched her teeth in frustration.  Her mother had taught her that those techniques were guaranteed to make any man fall for her, but instead, they had nearly made it so that Leon left without speaking with her.

She was going to have some words with her mother later, but for now she turned back to Leon and said, “Well I’m glad you finally made your move.  I was getting a little tired of always taking the lead…”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.  I’m certainly intending to be more proactive than I have been,” Leon said as he rose from the bed and embraced Elise.

“We’ve only got two weeks until you leave,” she said sadly.  She then pushed herself deeper into his arms and continued, “We should make the most of this brief time…”



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